We started taking our kids to the chiropractor following a car accident. During the chiropractor visits the Dr. noticed our son Brandon 10 years old had one leg shorter than the other. We purchased a lift to put inside of his shoe so that he would walk and stand evenly.  Our family came to one of the Master's Touch Ministry meetings at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Pleasant with Mrs. Linda and her team. During prayer time Mrs. Linda sat in a chair in front of Brandon and had him put his feet in her lap. She began to pray for the Lord to grow his leg. The Lord grew his leg right in front of everyone in the room. Even some sweet ladies sitting at a table seen it grow. We went back to the chiropractor and he to us, "the lift must really be helping Brandon, I can tell a difference in his hips." We smiled and said he hasn't worn the lift except for the first day out of your office. We attend a healing ministry and during that ministry the Lord grew his leg.


 Kim & Family

My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at the age of 5.  We had to take an epi pen everywhere he went.  Linda was praying for him and saw a bubble covering pulling off of his whole body as she was praying against allergies. I took him for his back to school doctors appointment.  The test results came back as no longer allergic to peanuts! Praise the Lord and thank you Linda for your ministry of healing.


So thankful,


Mandy Walker

After the birth of my third child, I found it very difficult to maintain perfection in my home. Children, life, extreme frustration, irritation and sense of failure filled every day.  Linda prayed for me over the phone and the holy spirit revealed to Linda a spirit of perfection of operating in me.  She commanded it to go and said the blood of Jesus many times and bound it in Jesus name.  I felt it come up from my stomach and leave. She then released the fruit of the spirit into me.  I never struggled with the perfection spirit again. She closed the door to this spirit forever. I went on and had four more children. A total of seven  children. Thank you lord Jesus.



Several years ago i had surgery to remove a pretty large melanoma after we moved to SC. I was scheduled to be rechecked very often at first after the initial surgery then for two years every four months. For years now every six months. The Lord Jesus has healed me. My confession is I will never have melanoma or any type of cancer ever again or my family. The word of God says we overcome satan by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. I tell people all the time if the Lord heals you start telling it.  You are overcoming with your testimony. Each time i visit for my check up i say to the Dr. and his nurse  "Dr.---I will never have melanoma again" he finally agreed with me. He said" Linda you will never have melanoma again."


I have many other healing's I will share at some point. Yes Jesus is the healer and the deliverer from spirits of infirmity. Praise the Holy and true name of Jesus, my Lord and healer.



A Nurse Practicer's Testimony  Healed of Cancer


It was four years ago this June that God did the miraculous in my life. I had been to several physicians looking for an answer for a bloated belly, hair and weight loss along with worsening digestive issues. After several diagnostic tests the news was not good. Multiple physicians told me it was ovarian cancer with a very poor prognosis. The plan was to begin chemo right away, followed by radiation, then remove the huge tumor they had found in my abdomen and hope that I would live….BUT GOD had other plans! I was terrified but I thank God for those he put in my path that not only lifted me up in prayer but spoke words of encouragement that got me through day by day and at times minute by minute. Sister Linda and her ministry team prayed for me multiple times and in her spirit actually saw a dark fog leave my body. At that same moment I felt a release and felt in my spirit that everything was going to be ok. My surgery was scheduled a few weeks later. I came through the surgery fine with no signs of cancer and came out of the hospital 25lbs lighter from having the tumor removed!


Praise The Lord! I can’t thank Him enough. He has given me the opportunity to share this testimony with so many who are discouraged and frightened over a health issue. I consider it an honor to share with anyone who will listen just what The Lord did for me. I will forever be changed in a positive way because of this trial. I have a deeper faith and walk than ever before as I have experienced how He not only healed me but held my hand, comforted and guided me along the way. What a Mighty, Loving God we serve!


Luanne P

Pastors wife who had back problems for years

I’ve had back problems for the last two weeks where I could not walk.  I could have used a walker only 52 years old and I prayed for God to heal me and this morning when I was listening to Linda  she called out backs and then leg problem all the way down through the spine through the leg the nerves the pinched nerves.  I got up and took my healing I started moving and praising God for touching me and that morning I couldn’t even raise my feet to wash them in the shower. I started raising my feet and praising God the Holy Ghost fell and I felt such freedom in my body and I just kept moving my body and thanking him and praising God speaking in tongues worshiping God and praising him. I have received such a miracle today! Thank You Jesus!!!!

Thank you for your call but sharing Jesus healing in these meetings every Sunday Night is priceless

Thanking you for Jesus.  .”


I just feel so loved in your meeting

One night you said there is someone here belittling your child-

Linda it was me

I told him I was sorry for that

And I’ve completely done a turnaround

He said to me that it was a “little fox”

He literally spoke those exact words to me and I knew it was in the Bible

A little fox can destroy an entire crop!!


Marriage being restored!

my daughter is with her husband and they are super-sized restored and blessed in Jesus’ name!

Eight weeks ago I went to the chiropractor, I was told that I had a tilted pelvis, scoliosis and arthritis. This is a well respected Chiropractor and Christian. Two weeks ago Linda called out scoliosis. I have been suffering with us for quite some time. Last week I went to the orthopedic surgeon, and no scoliosis was found said that I had a good curve in my spine and no tilted pelvis. Just some evidence of arthritis but not too bad. I’m just going to get some physical therapy.  Praise Jesus!

I’m so thankful for my deliverance. God is amazing and I also thank Linda for her prayers and how she listens to what the Holy Spirit is saying. I was dealing with feelings of oppression and torment, and feeling this intense internal pressure to constantly be getting things done.  Even while I was completing tasks on my to do list, I was feeling guilt for not doing enough as well as frustration and self hatred because I always felt like I was behind and that I could never accomplish what I needed to do to feel successful. I felt like a mouse running on a wheel chasing a piece of cheese that I could never get to. It was exhausting and I constantly felt overwhelmed and hated myself for it. I thought there was something wrong with me and that I had trouble with time management, and I was always searching for a solution on how to overcome it.

Praise God for using Linda’s prayers to uproot the demons causing this torment in my life. A spirit of witchcraft was identified from my past and also from my bloodline. There were many things the Lord revealed that opened the door for this including fortune cookies, looking at an eight ball toy that you shake and tells you different things about yourself, watching shows like “I Dream of Genie”..many of these things were from my childhood and seemed harmless at the time but they had opened doors for the enemy to come into my life and gave him legal rights to have a hold on me.

After repenting for these things and receiving prayer, I feel a peace that I haven’t felt in a long time and feel like that intense internal pressure, frustration, and self hatred are gone. I feel so much joy and now see that I had believed lies from the enemy that led me to believe that I was constantly messing up and then hating myself for it. I feel freedom from those thoughts and am able to think more clearly and am now aware that I can do my part and the Lord will do the rest. In my weakness He is strong. Hallelujah, thank You Lord, You are so good! -Friend from SC

Linda Blankenship

Founder - Ministry Director

Linda Blankenship is the author of “Let My People Go”, and the founder of the Master’s Touch Ministries in the 90’s (a non-profit ministry founded on Isiah 61:1-6,to any field “that is white unto harvest”) Mrs. Blankenship is after souls for Jesus and asked the lord, many years ago, to give her at least one million souls before she leaves this world.


A longtime member of Benny Hinn World Healing Fellowship of Pastors and Ministers, Linda considers Hinn her spiritual father.


Past national prayer coordinator for the Christian Coalition of America which has millions of members.  Linda has written many published prayers for our nation. While working with the CCA, Linda was honored to walk the halls of Congress and apply the cross with anointing oil on each door, as the CCA interviewed many of our elected officials, while spending many days on the hill praying.

Let My People Go


by Linda Blankenship

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